A well-considered cleansing is the basis of any effective care. With careful cleansing, there is almost no need for additional treatments.

less – Cleansing

Water and soil

For a gentle cleansing of the skin, two basic elements are required: water and soil. Warm water alone is, in most cases, sufficient for a daily cleanse. If a more thorough cleansing is needed, a special washing soil from Morocco is available. "Ghassoul" (pronounced Rasul) is a millennia-old clay that exists only in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and has special cleansing properties. Mixed with water and applied to the skin, it binds dirt, excess lipids and other impurities and dissolves them without destroying the protective acid mantle of the skin. Because Ghassoul contains no surface-active agents, it is the gentlest way of cleansing besides using pure water. At less® we offer only the finest quality of Ghassoul.

less – Ghassoul soil, Moroccan washing clay

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Skin care

If the skin is out of balance ­—­ because of sudden climate changes, stress or illness ­­— it might need help to regain its natural protection. Pure plant oils are ideal. These oils supply the skin with all of the vitamins and essential fatty acids it needs for natural self-regulation. A few drops are sufficient.

less – Skin care

Plant oils

The plant oil mixtures of less® are tailored specifically to the needs of dry and oily facial skin (yes, oily skin is also best treated with oils). The intelligent combination of rich and moisturizing oils helps the skin regain its natural balance and hydration. The mixtures contain no water and therefore do not need to be treated with preservatives or surface-active agents. The skin becomes hydrated, and the acid mantle is gently repaired without the skin being conditioned incorrectly. We use a maximum of only five oils per mixture, to minimize any skin irritation. All ingredients are certified organic. To ensure the freshness of the ingredients, the face oils come with a storage life of no more than 6 months. They are bottled in small batches and shipped promptly. This ensures the most minimal, natural and effective skin care.

    No surface-active agents
    No preservatives
    No fragrances
    No alcohol
    No colorants
    No silicones
    No paraben
    No paraffin
    No PEGs
    No essential oils
    No mineral oils

    less – Face oil

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    Two to three times a week, fill a shallow bowl with two scoops of Ghassoul and add four scoops of warm water. Without stirring, let the mixture soak and cool down for 3 minutes. Spread the mud, but do not rub it, on wet skin. Avoid eyes and lips. Carefully rinse off after a brief exposure.

    Skin care
    Massage 5–7 drops of the less® face oil onto clean, wet skin. The oil mixes with the water on the skin, and the skin quickly absorbs both.

    less – Skin care application


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