Skin itself already produces the ideal care—the skin’s protective mantle, a thin layer of lipids and sweat that seals moisture inside the skin and prevents outside pollutants from penetrating. Surfactants and emulsifiers, which dissolve lipids and are contained in practically every shampoo, shower gel and face cream, wash away this natural protection. At less®, our aim is to keep the skin’s protective mantle as intact as possible and carefully support its natural self-regulation. Our skin care line is reduced to the essential components and our products are devoid of any skin-irritating additives, such as alcohol, preservatives, or essential oils.


01 Cleansing

A well-considered cleansing is the basis of any effective care. Warm water alone is, in most cases, already sufficient for a daily cleanse. If a more thorough cleansing is needed, a special washing clay is used. “Ghassoul” (pronounced Rasul) is a millennia-old clay that exists only in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and has special cleansing properties. It binds and dissolves dirt, excess lipids and other impurities without destroying the sensitive protective mantle of the skin. The skin retains its moisture and its ability to repel outside pollutants. At less® we offer only the finest quality of Ghassoul.



Application Washing clay

Two to three times a week, fill the shallow bowl with two scoops of Ghassoul and add four scoops of hot water. Without stirring, let the mixture soak and cool down for 3 minutes. Spread the mud, but do not rub it, on wet face and body. Avoid eyes and lips. Carefully rinse off after a brief exposure.


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02 Treatment


If the skin needs help to regain its natural protection—because of sudden climate changes, stress or illness—pure plant oils are physiologically ideal. Combined intelligently, they supply the skin with all the vitamins and essential fatty acids it needs for natural self-regulation and hydration. A few drops are already sufficient. The face oils at less® are entirely made of certified organic pure plant oils, absolutely no other additives are used. The mixtures are tailored specifically to the needs of dry and oily facial skin (yes, oily skin is also best treated with oils). The oil mixtures are spread onto the clean, wet skin, where the oils mix with the water and get absorbed by the skin. The skin becomes hydrated, and the skin’s protective mantle is gently repaired without the skin being conditioned incorrectly.



Application Face oil

Wet face with warm water. Portion 5–7 drops of the face oil in wet hands and apply it onto the clean, wet skin.