Less Face Oil
Less Face Oil
Less Face Oil
Less Face Oil

Less Face Oil

600 drops (25 ml)

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Luxury in Simplicity.

The Less Face Oil is a uniquely pure skin care, specifically designed for sensitive skin. It has the highest skin tolerance of any skincare product. For irritation-free and balanced skin. Recommended by dermatologists.

  • Premium skincare essence with unparalleled purity
  • Completely free from preservatives, emulsifiers, essential oils
  • So pure that it has a best-before-date
  • Visibly reduces redness and premature skin ageing
  • Refines the skin's surface and smoothes the complexion
  • Ideal for the care of the sensitive eye area


Less Face Oil is a multi-award-winning skincare product that is unique in its radical purity. Unlike creams and lotions, it only contains active ingredients and is completely free of additives. The result is a outstanding combination of efficacy and skin compatibility. The skin is soothed, healed and premature skin ageing is reduced with lasting effect.
Less Face Oil is available in two carefully formulated compositions: the balancing Less Face Oil Light for normal, combination and oily skin, and the rich Less Face Oil Plus for dry and surface-damaged skin.

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Wet the face with plenty of warm water. Put half to one pipette of Less Face Oil into wet hands and gently massage it into the wet face. The Less Face Oil mixes with the water and both are quickly absorbed by the skin. The skin is hydrated, intensively nourished and the skin barrier is gently repaired. Tip: Apply the Less Face Oil at the end of a shower (still in the shower) when the skin is maximally moisturised.

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Less Face Oil Light
Jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil.

Less Face Oil Plus
Jojoba oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil.

All ingredients are carefully cold-pressed, certified organic and from the world's best oil mills.Less Nature

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the Less Face Oil developed and manufactured?
The Less Face Oil was developed in Germany and is also manufactured here. From Germany, it is then shipped directly to our customers in over 40 countries.

What is the shelf life of the Less Face Oil?
The Less Face Oil is so pure and high-quality that instead of the usual symbol of an open cream jar (which indicates products with an extended shelf life), it has a definite best-before-date. The shelf life is approximately 10 months from receipt. Unlike industrial skincare brands, we produce every 8-10 weeks a new and fresh batch.

How much does the Less Face Oil contain?
A Less Face Oil contains about 600 drops of concentrated skincare essence. Depending on individual needs, 5–10 drops per application are sufficient. When applied daily, this translates to 2 to 4 months of usage.

Why do Less products not already contain the water, like creams or lotions?
Creams and lotions are made of water and lipids (in high-quality products, the lipid part is made of pure plant oils). However, water and lipids do not blend, which is why emulsifiers have to be added to the products. Any product that contains water will also germinate within a few weeks. That is why preservatives are added. Other common additives are fragrances, such as perfume and essential oils, and texturisers to make the products smell better and prevent them from yellowing. All of these additives are dermatologically problematic. To create a skin product that is truly free of additives (even the hidden ones) and thus truly effective, at Less the water is added only at the time of application. This also means that you only pay for active ingredients and not for additives or water.

Can I order a product sample of the Less Face Oil?
Samples have to be produced in large quantities. That is why they are almost exclusively used for strongly preserved products such as creams, lotions, or shampoo. Since we do not use preservatives at Less, there are no product samples of Less Face Oils. Although this limits the possibility of introducing our products to a wider circle of people, it guarantees our customers a highly effective and at the same time uniquely skin-friendly skincare product.

Does the Less Face Oil really help acne-prone and oily skin?
Combination and oily skin is often treated with products that dry out the skin. However, this stimulates the skin to produce even more sebum. The special composition of anti-inflammatory, nourishing and moisturising plant oils in the Less Face Oil Light nourishes the skin in a way that it gradually reduces its own sebum production and naturally regains its balance.

When I switch to Less skin care, will my skin undergo a transition phase?
It is perfectly normal for the skin to react to changes in your skincare routine, for example with slight flaking. This is especially the case if the skin was previously cared for differently over a longer period of time and the change comes abruptly. Tip 1: Temporarily apply a little more of the Less Face Oil, e.g. 1.5 to 2 pipette fillings. Tip 2: Make sure that the Less Face Oil is applied with sufficient water. It is ideal to apply it directly at the end of the shower, when the skin is maximally moisturised and the oil can bind the moisture directly into the skin. Tip 3: Use the Less Face Oil in the evening. Any cleansing and treatment, no matter how gentle, irritates the skin and so the skin can rest overnight.

I am unsure what skin type I am. Which Less Face Oil should I use?
If you are unsure of your skin type, choose the Less Face Oil Light (for normal, combination, or oily skin). This is a lighter product and is suitable for all skin types. The Less Face Oil Plus is very rich and is only used for very dry and surface-damaged skin.

Is the Less Face Oil vegan and cruelty-free?
Yes, of course the Less Face Oil is vegan and cruelty-free.

Customer testimonials

Less Lyn Harris

Lyn Harris, Founder of Perfumer H, London

"What immediately struck me about Less was how different it was: how simple, true and honest. And it makes so much sense: why am I putting cream after cream on my skin to not see much of a difference except a very shiny face? So I tried Less to find after a month using my skin felt balanced, normal and content for the first time since I was a young girl.

I had been using eye cream for 30 years and it made no difference, I still had dark circles under my eyes. After using Less for a month, the dark circles were gone. I couldn't believe it. My skin feels wonderful and radiant, my pores are clean and I feel more balanced and less cluttered. I love the Less Cleansing Clay and the Less Face Oil, I think they are genius.”

Ilse Cornelissens

Ilse Cornelissens, Founder of Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

"What immediately caught my attention was something that Dr David Scherf, the founder of Less, had said: 'The people with the best skin are usually the people who use the fewest products.' After putting some thought into it, I realized: That is really true!

Since using Less, I feel that my skin has gained some kind of natural glow. I use the Less Face Oil every day and I use the Less Cleansing Clay once or twice a week. On the days when I combine the clay with the oil, my skin looks like I just came out of a spa treatment, I really love it!"

Less Miwa Ogasawara

Miwa Ogasawara, Artist, Hamburg/Kyoto

"My first touch point with Less was the packaging. It was so different: so calm, sensual, without a logo, without promises, without plastic. I had never seen such a reduction and purity in skin care before.

Every morning and evening I take a little bit of the Less Cleansing Clay to cleanse my face. I then use the Less Face Oil with lots of water. In Japan, rituals are given much attention and joy. It is about taking time and consciously experiencing every action, every detail. Less is a daily source of peace and joy for me."

Less Anna Neugebauer

Anna Neugebauer, Hair and Makeup Artist, Berlin/London

"The skin is our largest organ. But in today's world of consumption, our skin is usually "over-consumed" by all the many different products advertised by the major cosmetics companies. What makes Less different from all other skincare brands is that it is not aimed at the customer consuming as much as possible, but as little as possible. Less is also the only skincare brand I know that is completely additive-free. This reduction and purity is very dear to me.

I love the Less Face Oil—it provides everything the skin needs and also has a natural matting effect. The skin becomes smoother and the skin texture is refined. The better the skin, the less make-up is needed."