less – Minimal skin and hair care

less® is a purist German brand of refined organic skin care products. Our values are objectivity, naturalness and a consequent reduction to the essential. We focus on a few fundamental products made only with natural ingredients. Comprising a total of just 3 skin care products, each completely free of additives, less® is the purest and most concentrated skin care line. The products are equally suitable for both women and men. 



01 Skin care

Beautiful skin is healthy skin—well supplied with blood, effectively retaining moisture and forming a protective barrier against external influences. Over hundreds of thousands of years, nature developed the optimal care strategy for the skin, long before humans had the idea to treat it with cosmetic products. Effective skin care should be based on what nature has provided. As we will see, it’s not more products and ingredients that help—it’s less. Much less.

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02 Hair care

Hair care is, for the most part, scalp care. The scalp holds the root of the hair (its only living portion) and the scalp’s sebum production significantly determines the state of the hair. The basis for beautiful hair is a healthy scalp—and a healthy scalp can be achieved with the right choice of brush.

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03 Accessories

Complementing our cleansing and treatment products is a careful selection of meticulously designed and crafted accessories.

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