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The result of our two principles—that is, as natural and as little as possible—is a radically focused and uniquely pure line of skin care products. Welcome to Less.


01 Maximal minimal


One of the main factors for skin-aging is the excessive use of beauty products. It is not unusual that cosmetic companies, even the “minimalist” ones, offer 50 or more different care products just for the skin. We believe in the “less” not the “more”. Our skin care is the consequence of a collective obsession to simplify its essential components and pare away any treatment, product and ingredient that is unnecessary. The result is a line of just three skin care products: one for cleansing, one for the treatment of dry and damaged skin, and one for the treatment of combination and oily skin.


02 Completely free of additives


All Less products consist of 100% active ingredients and 0% additives. What should be taken for granted is indeed highly unusual. All water-based products—creams, lotions, shower gels and shampoos—require a range of additives to ensure that the ingredients blend with the water and the products do not germinate within a few weeks. At Less it's clear that the purity and efficacy of our products is non-negotiable. By keeping all our products free of water, which is only added during application, we are able to completely do without emulsifiers and preservatives. We have also eliminated all other types of additives, including essential oils, as these are also dermatologically highly critical. The result is a skin care with maximum efficacy and no skin irritation.


03 Pure and natural


Skin and hair form naturally. To ensure maximum skin-tolerance of our products, all our ingredients are 100% natural and obtained purely mechanically through mining (clay) and cold pressing (plant oils). No single ingredient has been produced by refining, distillation or synthesis. Our products are beautiful and effective because of their simplicity and potent natural ingredients. The ingredients dictate the durability, smell and texture of the products, not vice versa. Every 8 to 10 weeks, our products are blended in small batches and shipped promptly to our worldwide customers to ensure the purest and most effective skin care possible.


04 Sensual and eco-friendly


We think it is important to protect the environment, and we prefer the feel of solid, natural surfaces to that of plastic. Our products and packaging are made from carefully chosen materials such as clay, wood, pure plant oils, cotton, amber glass and uncoated cardboard. In 2018, Less became the first skin care brand ever to receive the renowned Wallpaper Design Award for "Outstanding design".


05 Unique 

Less comparison

The press about Less

“Less would make Jil Sander proud.” — Vogue
“Purism at its best.” — Elle
“Radically reduced.” — Süddeutsche Zeitung
“This is how minimalism works in beauty.” — Faces
“Hyper-edited.” — The New York Times
“Consequent and radical.” — Gala
“Less is more.” — Harper’s Bazaar
“Maximal minimal.” — Wienerin
“Reduced to the essential.” — Couch
“Clean beauty for minimalists.” — Cosmopolitan
“Few take the bare beauty essentials as seriously as Less.” — Wallpaper