less – Minimal skin and hair care


less® is a radically reduced German brand of refined organic skin care products. Our values are objectivity, naturalness and a consequent reduction to the essential. We concentrate on a few fundamental products made only with natural ingredients. Comprising only 3 skin care products, less® is the world’s most reduced skin care line. The products are equally suitable for both women and men.

less – Skin care

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Beautiful skin is healthy skin — well supplied with blood, effectively retaining moisture and forming a protective barrier against external influences. Over hundreds of thousands of years, nature developed the optimal care strategy for the skin, long before humans had the idea to treat it with cosmetic products. Effective skin care should be based on what nature has provided. As we will see, it’s not more products that help — it’s less.

less – Objective skin and hair care


Skin itself produces the ideal care. The skin’s acid mantle, a thin layer of lipids and sweat, seals moisture inside and prevents outside pollutants from penetrating. Surface-active agents, which mix oil and water and are contained in almost every shampoo and shower gel, wash away this natural protection. The goal of effective skin care should be to keep the acid mantle as intact as possible.

less – Effective skin and hair care



Ultraviolet light (sun, solarium)
Adverse climate (extreme cold or heat, low humidity)
Sleep deprivation
Environmental toxins (exhaust fumes, ozone)
Cellular toxins (nicotine, alcohol)
Dehydration and unhealthy diet
Incorrect or excessive skin care

The best anti-aging strategy is to avoid the causes of skin aging. There is no indication that premature skin aging is caused by too little care — on the contrary, one of the contributing factors is the excessive use of beauty products. If the skin requires extra help, any treatment should be reduced to a minimum and aimed only at carefully supporting the skin’s natural self-regulation.

less – Honest skin and hair care


Skin and hair form naturally. But industrial beauty products are full of synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial fragrances and mineral oils. All of the ingredients we apply to our skin and hair should be natural — ingredients that we can actually pronounce.

less – Naural skin and hair care


The best skin care is as little care as possible. Only two types of skin actually need extra treatment: oily and dry. Therefore, only two types of skin care products are necessary. They should be used minimally and contain no more than five ingredients, to help prevent skin irritation. Effective care pares away all that’s unnecessary and focuses only on what’s essential.

less – Essntial skin and hair care


The combination of our two principles — that is, as natural and as little as possible — is a radically concentrated line of skin and hair care products. Welcome to less®.


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