Less Apricot Kernel Oil

 Less Apricot Kernel Oil


The name "apricot" presumably derives from the Latin word "praecox" (precocious, premature) and refers to the fact that the apricot blooms earlier than its relative, the peach. The apricot tree reaches a height of 8 to 12 m and is today mainly cultivated in Turkey. The oil is pressed from the kernels of fully ripe apricots – more precisely: from the almonds, which are in the kernel.



Less Apricot Kernel Oil


Mild and soothing

Apricot kernel oil is contained in both Less face oils. The oil has a light marzipan scent, which users of the Less Face Oil Light may already have noticed, as this face oil contains a high percentage of apricot kernel oil. Apricot kernel oil is exceptionally mild – so mild that it is often used for baby care. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, has a soothing effect and, thanks to its non-greasy texture, leaves the skin feeling velvety soft. It is also rich in oleic and linoleic acid, helping the skin to retain moisture for a long time.



Less Skin Care


Natural premium-quality

For our Less skin care we only use certified organic apricot kernel oil of the highest virgin quality. This precious oil is pressed as in ancient times with a spindle press, then gently filtered and bottled directly without further processing. This laborious process ensures that all vitamins, fatty acids and secondary plant substances are preserved – for pure efficacy and healthy and naturally beautiful skin.



Less Face Oil



Apricot kernel oil is also an excellent make-up remover – it even removes waterproof make-up. Simply moisten a cotton pad with some warm water, add a few drops of oil and then gently wipe off the make-up.



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