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Moroccan Washing Clay
Moroccan Washing Clay
Moroccan Washing Clay
Moroccan Washing Clay

Moroccan Washing Clay


1 kg of finely ground Moroccan washing clay (Ghassoul).
Ghassoul (pronounced Rasul) is a spa-quality, millenia-old clay that can only be found in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Due to the unique composition of its micro-molecules, the clay has unparalleled cleansing properties. Mixed with water and applied to the skin, it powerfully absorbs impurities, toxins and excess oils, while preserving the fine lipids that form the sensitive protective layer of the skin. The result is a healthy skin that is purified, toned and strengthened in its natural function as a moisture reservoir and protective shield against external pollutants. Ghassoul is used by the best spas in the world for its therapeutic benefits. At Less we use only the highest quality Ghassoul, refined and micronized to a soft, almost silky tone. Stored dry, it can be stored indefinitely. For external use only.

For a head to toe cleansing, fill the shallow bowl with two scoops of Ghassoul and add four scoops of hot water. Without stirring, let the mixture soak and cool down for 3 minutes. In the shower, spread the mud over wet face and body, avoiding eyes and lips. Rinse off after a brief exposure time.
For a quick facial cleansing, simply put a little Ghassoul in the palm of your hand and mix it with some water. Spread the mud over the wet face and rinse with water.

Austrian artist Gerwald Rockenschaub has designed a special edition of our signature light gray cardboard packaging. The box containing the Washing clay was coated with matte foil and received a bright purple-colored front, emphasizing the unusual absence of text. The special edition packaging for Less comes at no extra-charge with each washing clay and face oil and is available from now on as long as stock lasts. Learn more about the collaboration.

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