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Less Face Oil Light & Less Cleansing Clay Subscription

Less Face Oil Light & Less Cleansing Clay Subscription

600 drops (25 ml) & 500 g

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Continuity is the key to successful skincare. With the Less Subscriptions, you ensure a seamless skincare routine and save 15% - forever! All subscriptions come with free shipping and can be canceled after just two deliveries. Before each new shipment, you will receive an email with a link to adjust the shipping date if needed.Subscribe to your Less Face Oil now and secure a permanent 15% discount before the terms change!


  1. Ideally, apply the Less Face Oil during a warm shower or bath. Soak the face with water.
  2. Pour a pipette filling of the Less Face Oil into your wet hands.
  3. Massage the Less Face Oil with plenty of warm water into the face. Allow the skin to absorb both.

  1. Fill a shallow bowl with 1–2 scoops of Less Cleansing Clay and add twice the amount of hot water.
  2. Without stirring, let the mixture cool and swell for 3 minutes, then apply to wet skin. Spare eyes and lips.
  3. After a short application time of 2–4 minutes, rinse off with plenty of water. Enjoy cleansed, soft, and refined skin.


Jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil. All ingredients are certified organic and sourced from the world's best oil mills.

Moroccan Washing Clay


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Lyn Harris

Founder of Perfumer H, London

"What immediately struck me about Less was how different it was: how simple, true and honest. And it makes so much sense: why am I putting cream after cream on my skin to not see much of a difference except a very shiny face? So I tried Less to find after a month using my skin felt balanced, normal and content for the first time since I was a young girl.

I had been using eye cream for 30 years and it made no difference, I still had dark circles under my eyes. After using Less for a month, the dark circles were gone. I couldn't believe it. My skin feels wonderful and radiant, my pores are clean and I feel more balanced and less cluttered. I love the Less Cleansing Clay and the Less Face Oil, I think they are genius.”

Ilse Cornelissens

Founder of Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

"What immediately caught my attention was something that Dr David Scherf, the founder of Less, had said: 'The people with the best skin are usually the people who use the fewest products.' After putting some thought into it, I realized: That is really true!

Since using Less, I feel that my skin has gained some kind of natural glow. I use the Less Face Oil every day and I use the Less Cleansing Clay once or twice a week. On the days when I combine the clay with the oil, my skin looks like I just came out of a spa treatment, I really love it!"

Miwa Ogasawara

Artist, Hamburg/Kyoto

"My first touch point with Less was the packaging. It was so different: so calm, sensual, without a logo, without promises, without plastic. I had never seen such a reduction and purity in skin care before.

Every morning and evening I take a little bit of the Less Cleansing Clay to cleanse my face. I then use the Less Face Oil with lots of water. In Japan, rituals are given much attention and joy. It is about taking time and consciously experiencing every action, every detail. Less is a daily source of peace and joy for me."

Anna Neugebauer

Hair and Makeup Artist, Berlin/London

"The skin is our largest organ. But in today's world of consumption, our skin is usually "over-consumed" by all the many different products advertised by the major cosmetics companies. What makes Less different from all other skincare brands is that it is not aimed at the customer consuming as much as possible, but as little as possible. Less is also the only skincare brand I know that is completely additive-free. This reduction and purity is very dear to me.

I love the Less Face Oil—it provides everything the skin needs and also has a natural matting effect. The skin becomes smoother and the skin texture is refined. The better the skin, the less make-up is needed."

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Mausi Boehm

very nice product support contact with your face and make woman happy

Barbara Zwissler
Sooo natürlich

Mir ist es wichtig, ein absolut reines Produkt zu verwenden, ohne Zusatzstoffe, Tierversuche…

Maria Walpot
Heerlijk en gemakkelijk!

Ik ben zo blij dat ik less ontdekt heb !
Eerst steeds 3 verschillende crèmes en serum !
Nu alles in 1 !

En het best van alles: je huid voelt heerlijk aan en ziet er stralend uit de hele dag🤗

U. R.

Seit einiger Zeit benutze ich abwechselnd die zwei Less Face Oil und bin total begeistert. Nach diversen anderen Produkten geniesst meine Haut diese unkomplizierte Pflege, die ich nicht mehr missen möchte.
Unkompliziert und sehr wirkungsvoll.

Less face oil (plus) is simple, clean, natural, beautiful and effective

Less is simple, sustainable, clean, natural, beautiful and effective. My skin glows and looks finer. And Less face oil (plus) is easy to use. I love the oil and I use it on my hands and feet as well. Make sure to use a lot of warm water on your face and your hands when applying the oil! And let it dry by air. Don’t wipe it off. Radiant and soft skin is the result.