less – Hairbrush for dry scalp
less – Hairbrush for dry scalp
less – Hairbrush cleaner set

Hairbrush for Dry Scalp


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Premium massage hairbrush for dry and sensitive scalp, made of oiled olive wood, natural rubber and maple wood. The polished wooden pins, smooth as porcelain, gently stimulate and clean the scalp without stressing it.

Optional: A hairbrush cleaner set, consisting of a rake (steel and beech wood) and a cleaning brush (beech wood and pig bristle). The cleaner set is made in Germany.

Carefully brush the hair from scalp towards the ends one to two times a day. The brush can be used for dried and wet hair. Please notice that the small hole in the rubber cushion is not a missing pin, but enables the cushion to give in and absorb any too-rough pressure on the scalp.

22.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm

The brush should be cleaned on a regular basis using the rake for the pins and the cleaning brush for the intervals.

Handmade in Italy.