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Hair care is, for the most part, scalp care. The scalp holds the root of the hair (its only living portion), and the scalp’s sebum production significantly determines the state of the hair. The condition of the scalp usually corresponds to the facial skin: if the facial skin is oily, the scalp is usually the same. Dry skin is often accompanied by a reddened and scaly scalp. The basis for effective scalp and hair care is the right choice of brush.

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Special hairbrushes ensure the optimal care of dry and oily scalp and hair. For dry and sensitive scalp, there is a special massage brush with rubber cushioning. The polished wooden pins, smooth as porcelain, gently stimulate and clean the scalp without stressing it. Oily scalp is treated with brushes equipped with the finest quality of boar bristles, identifiable by their white tips. The boar bristles absorb the excess sebum from the scalp and dispense it up into the ends of the hair. The scalp is balanced, able to breathe, and the hair is provided with shine, increased volume and healthier tips. The brushes at less® are made of premium olive and cedar wood and are manufactured by hand in France and Italy.

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Carefully brush the hair, from scalp towards the ends, 1–2 times a day. The massage brush can be used for dry or wet hair, whereas the boar-bristle brush should be used only for completely dry hair. For wet or damp hair, a wide-toothed wooden comb is recommended. Brushes and comb should be cleaned regularly.

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