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Less Accessories

Less Accessories

Complementing our skin care products is a selection of carefully designed and meticulously crafted accessories.


01 Bowl and scoop

Less Bowl
Less Scoop


For portioning and mixing the Ghassoul, there is a shallow bowl and a scoop made of polished stainless steel. Bowl and scoop are tailor-made to precisely measure and hold the right amount of Ghassoul and water. Both are produced with the utmost care and attention to detail in Solingen, Germany, a city world-famous for the manufacturing of precision stainless steel products.

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02 Container

Less Container Design by Vincent van Duysen

For the storage of the washing clay a container made of light-gray ceramic and honed walnut is used. The container is designed by architect Vincent van Duysen and is made in his home country Belgium.

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03 Towels

Less Towel

What help are the best skin care products, if chemically-treated and abrasive towels are used to dry off. The towels at Less are made of premium organic cotton, which is grown in Africa and spun in Turkey. The towels offer the perfect balance of high-grade quality (more than 500 grams of soft cotton per square meter) and environmentally responsible cotton usage (less than 600 grams per square meter). They come in the cotton’s natural, immaculate cream tone, without dyes or bleaching, in order to provide the gentlest way of drying your skin and hair.

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