less – Moroccan washing clay
less – Moroccan washing clay

Moroccan washing clay


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1 kg of finely ground Moroccan washing clay (Ghassoul).

Two to three times a week, fill the shallow bowl with two scoops of Ghassoul and add four scoops of warm water. Without stirring, let the mixture soak and cool down for 3 minutes. Spread the mud, but do not rub it, on wet scalp, face, armpits and genital area. Avoid eyes and lips. Carefully rinse off after a brief exposure. Residue in the bathroom can be cleaned up easily.

For colored or chemically treated hair, we recommend testing Ghassoul first on a small area, because clay minerals can rub off color pigments or amplify an existing roughening of the hair. When converting from surfactant-containing shampoos to Ghassoul, it may take some time until the natural sebaceous gland function of the scalp has been completely normalized.


  1. If you have dry skin or scalp, you may want to add a couple of drops of Facial oil for dry skin to the mud for extra care. The oils also help with fly-away hair, as does a cold rinse.
  2. Remember to pat the hair dry (instead of rubbing it), using a soft towel, and avoid blow-dryer whenever possible.
  3. After every bath or shower, drink a glass of water to rebalance the skin's moisture level.

Moroccan Lava (Washing) Clay