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less – Hairbrush for oily scalp
less – Hairbrush for dry scalp
less – Hairbrush cleaner set

Hairbrush for Oily Scalp


Premium hairbrush made of oiled olive wood and the finest quality of boar bristles (first-cut), identifiable by their white tips. The boar bristles absorb the excess sebum from the scalp and dispense it up into the ends of the hair. The scalp is balanced, able to breathe, and the hair is provided with shine, increased volume and healthier tips.

Optional: A hairbrush cleaner set, consisting of a rake (steel and beech wood) and a cleaning brush (beech wood and pig bristle). The cleaner set is made in Germany.

Carefully brush the hair from scalp towards the ends one to two times a day. Boar-bristle brushes should only be used for completely dried hair. For wet or damp hair, a wide-toothed wooden comb is recommended.

22.5 x 6 x 4 cm

The brush should be cleaned on a regular basis using the rake for the bristles and the cleaning brush for the intervals.

Handmade in France.