Less Cleansing Clay
Less Moroccan Washing Clay Ghassoul
Less Moroccan Washing Clay Ghassoul

Less Cleansing Clay

500 g

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Luxury in Simplicity.

The Less Cleansing Clay is a spa-quality cleansing clay from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. It features a unique microstructure and absorbency and cleanses thoroughly without drying out the skin. For soft and balanced skin.

  • Extremely fine high-quality clay
  • Completely free of surfactants/tensids
  • A proven form of skin cleansing for thousands of years
  • Binds pollutants and fats instead of dissolving them
  • Preserves the delicate skin barrier
  • For incredibly soft and refined skin


Soaps, shower gels and shampoos—like detergents and household cleaners—clean with surfactants. Surfactants are substances that dissolve dirt and fats by breaking up their surface tension. However, surfactants also attack the fragile skin barrier, as it also consists of lipids. The skin then loses its natural self-protection, which causes the skin's moisture to evaporate and bacteria to penetrate the skin.
Cleansing with Less works in a fundamentally different way. Instead of breaking up pollutants and fats, they are absorbed. Mixed with water and applied to the skin, the particles of the Less Cleansing Clay powerfully bind impurities, toxins and excess fats, while leaving intact the delicate skin barrier. The result is soft and deeply cleansed skin that is not disturbed in its natural function as a moisture reservoir and protective shield.


For head-to-toe cleansing, place two scoops of Less Cleansing Clay in a shallow bowl and fill with four scoops of warm to hot water. Without stirring, allow the clay to swell and cool for three minutes. Spread the fine mud over the body and face in the shower, sparing the eyes and lips. Rinse thoroughly after an application time of 2 to 4 minutes. The skin is deeply cleansed, refined and velvety soft.
For a quick facial cleansing, simply put a little Less Cleansing Clay in the palm of your hand and add a little water. Then spread on wet face and rinse with water. For external use only.

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Spa-quality Moroccan clay (Ghassoul), refined to a silky tone.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the shelf life of Less Cleansing Clay?
If stored in a dry place, the Less Cleansing Clay has an unlimited shelf life.

Can I use the Less Cleansing Clay for my daily cleansing?
Yes, the Less Cleansing Clay can be used on a daily basis. However, over time you will find that pure water is sufficient for your daily cleaning and a through cleanse is only necessary 1–3 times a week. Healthy skin acts as a great protective shield and warm water is then sufficient for removing everyday residues like dust and sweat.

Can I also use Less Cleansing Clay to remove make-up?
Make-up is best removed with a pure plant oil. Apricot kernel oil is excellent for gentle make-up removal—it even removes waterproof make-up. Simply moisten a make-up cotton pad with a some lukewarm water, add a few drops of oil and then gently remove the make-up in stroking movements.

Do I have to expect a transition phase if I switch to skin cleansing with Less?
In our experience, there is no adjustment period when switching from a surfactant-based cleaning to the Less Cleansing Clay.

Is the Less Cleansing Clay suitable for all skin types?
Yes, every skin type benefits from this powerful yet gentle type of cleansing. Dry skin can heal without being constantly stripped of its protective mantle, and oily skin will be able to naturally balance its sebum production.

Customer testimonials

Less Lyn Harris

Lyn Harris, Founder of Perfumer H, London

"What immediately struck me about Less was how different it was: how simple, true and honest. And it makes so much sense: why am I putting cream after cream on my skin to not see much of a difference except a very shiny face? So I tried Less to find after a month using my skin felt balanced, normal and content for the first time since I was a young girl.

I had been using eye cream for 30 years and it made no difference, I still had dark circles under my eyes. After using Less for a month, the dark circles were gone. I couldn't believe it. My skin feels wonderful and radiant, my pores are clean and I feel more balanced and less cluttered. I love the Less Cleansing Clay and the Less Face Oil, I think they are genius.”

Ilse Cornelissens

Ilse Cornelissens, Founder of Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

"What immediately caught my attention was something that Dr David Scherf, the founder of Less, had said: 'The people with the best skin are usually the people who use the fewest products.' After putting some thought into it, I realized: That is really true!

Since using Less, I feel that my skin has gained some kind of natural glow. I use the Less Face Oil every day and I use the Less Cleansing Clay once or twice a week. On the days when I combine the clay with the oil, my skin looks like I just came out of a spa treatment, I really love it!"

Less Miwa Ogasawara

Miwa Ogasawara, Artist, Hamburg/Kyoto

"My first touch point with Less was the packaging. It was so different: so calm, sensual, without a logo, without promises, without plastic. I had never seen such a reduction and purity in skin care before.

Every morning and evening I take a little bit of the Less Cleansing Clay to cleanse my face. I then use the Less Face Oil with lots of water. In Japan, rituals are given much attention and joy. It is about taking time and consciously experiencing every action, every detail. Less is a daily source of peace and joy for me."