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 Less Water


Less is composed of clay, oil and water. Nothing else. The fact that the water is not contained in the products, but is added separately for use, is an essential part of our philosophy and does not diminish the importance that water has for us. By adding the water separately, our products do not need all those skin-irritating additives that are otherwise necessary in water-based convenience products such as creams, serums or lotions. In addition, the buyer does not have to spend a lot of money on the water content in the products. The result of all this is a uniquely pure, concentrated and skin-friendly form of skin care.



Less Water


Water is life

Water is the basis of life on earth. Life arose from water, and to this day, life oscillates between the conflict of too much and too little water. Water covers 70 percent of the earth's surface and makes up 70 percent of the human body. It is the only chemical compound on earth that occurs in nature as liquid, solid (ice) and gas (steam). The word "water" is derived from the Old High German "wazzar", which means "the wet and flowing".



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Water in cleansing

The purifying power of water is found in many different cultures: the bath in the Ganges in Hindu belief, the baptism in Christianity, the ritual prayer washing in Islam. Pure water is also the basic element of Less's cleansing, as it alone is usually sufficient for daily body and face cleansing. For a pore-deep cleansing, the water is mixed with the Less Cleansing Clay and spread on the skin as a fine mud. The fine particles of this special clay, which can only be found in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, absorb dirt particles and excess lipids and dissolve them without damaging the natural skin barrier. The result is a purified, healthy and velvety soft skin.



Less Cleansing


Water in skin care

Water provides the skin with moisture and cushions the skin cells. The combination with pure plant oils, which have been the key components of high-quality skin care products for thousands of years, ensures that the water is effectively bound in the skin and the skin is deeply nourished. Such pure skin care, concentrated on the essentials, ensures a maximum of efficacy and skin compatibility. In addition to the combination of water with Less Face Oils, the effect on dry skin can be increased by always ensuring a mild humidity level and sufficient hydration by drinking.



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